InfoPoint™ – A cloud-based project management tool

Centralised tools to assist in the management of large scale projects.

InfoPoint™ is a centralised online data store that facilitates the organisation of all types of information.

  • Document Management
  • Contract Management
  • Project Cost Reporting & Management
  • Supplier Management
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InfoPoint™ uses the internet to enable documents to be uploaded and downloaded to two remote, world-class data centres located in Australia. This includes all the documents that you create or receive including email. The documents can be downloaded or uploaded anywhere at any time.


Contract notices are recorded in registers that are easily accessed through the Document Management Module and linked to the relevant records in the Cost Management Module. This reduces time spent switching between databases and confusion that often arises when different databases are not synchronized.


This module operates a Committed Cost System to capture budget, budget revisions, commitments, forecast commitments and expenditure. This integrates with the Document Management Module, which means that all cost information including claims, schedules and certificates are all easily available and linked to the corresponding cost records.