What is InfoPoint™?

InfoPoint™ is a complete information management system. It is a centralised online data store that facilitates the organisation of all types of information in a secure environment that is easily accessible through the Internet. InfoPoint™ tracks the flow of information and enables users to be highly mobile and organisations to effortlessly scale their operations.

How is InfoPoint Different?

InfoPoint™ not only manages processes within a business it has the significant added advantage of encompassing Project Management processes. InfoPoint™ is the only web-based, collaborative software that includes all of the following features:

Business Systems

  • Document Management
  • Workflow Control
  • Email Management and Integration
  • Vendor/Supplier Data Management
  • Tender & Procurement Management

Project Systems

  • Business Systems Features
  • Project Cost Management
  • Issue Tracking
  • Contract Notice Management
  • Extension of Time Management
  • Defect Management
  • Meeting Minute System
By adopting InfoPoint™ your clients, business partners and project stakeholders can continue to use their own systems without any interference InfoPoint™ does not require them to make any changes whatsoever, nor do they bear any cost. InfoPoint™ was created by people who also own and operate a successful Project Management Consultancy when it was clear that none of the available products met the current and emerging needs for systems and processes that make a business and project successful.